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Responsible for the long term planning, organizing, scheduling and priority setting for all mechanical operations of one or more telescopes and base facilities. Participates in major engineering tasks during planned periods of telescope down time. Duties also include responsibility for the buildings and site of the office base and for telescope buildings. Acts as Safety Officer.

Provides electrical, plumbing and mechanical technical support for the integrated physical plant activities and programs of the observatory, to include maintenance and construction, utilities, custodial services, housing, grounds and landscaping and facilities management. Responsible for all facets of the daily operations of the organizational unit, ensuring compliance with the University, state, and federal laws, policies, and regulations. Where applicable, direct and lead the activities of external and/or internal personnel; monitors and inspects work to ensure adherence to contract specifications and industry standards. Develops or assists with the development and implementation of policies and procedures consistent with those of the organization to ensure efficient and safe operation of the unit. Develops and implements systems and processes to establish and maintain records for the operating unit. Establish and implement preventive maintenance programs; modifies programs to increase efficiency and effectiveness and reliability. Establishes and maintains appropriate customer services procedures and standards; interfaces with customers and resolves problems and conflicts as necessary. Remains available for physical plant emergencies and off-standard situations, as required. Oversees the development and implementation of physical security, safety, and disaster recovery programs, procedures, and operations for the facility. Manage facility operation and maintenance budget.